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Other Projects


Skills: Level Design, Game Development, QA Testing,  UI/UX Design.
Programming tools: Unity C#, Unreal Engine (Blueprints), Twine, Python.

Project Management: Github, Plastic SCM, Jira, Bitrix, Google suite, Notion, Trello.
Design Tools: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effects, Substance Painter, Maya, Figma, Motion Builder, OptiTrack Motive, Blender.


Something Wicked

Inspired by Ray Bradbury novel, in this game you need to save your friend captive by the traveling carnival in the inside out puzzle environment.


Save the Moon!

Embark on an epic journey through four different worlds to assemble twelve instruments of the zodiac and repair the moon!

New Born

Live through the consciousness of a newborn child who treats themselves as a part of the surroundings. First-person puzzles solved with movement.



Catch your special one with the sight line to fill up the butterfly level in your stomach. Avoid seagulls to reach the top and reunite with your love.


Whack Eggs

Made with old-school game limitations in this game you need to cook eggs and score as much as possible until the timer is off!


Hold Pumpkin

Pumpkin is an adorable hamster who can't stay still, when so many adventures await. Move hands to hold him as long as you can!

Tabletop and Narrative

Skills: Rapid Prototyping, Core Gameplay Design, Systems Design, Narrative Design, Product Management, Interaction Design.

Artboard 32_edited.jpg


In this board game you need to find your home by creating connections for a signal transmission. Role-playing as astronauts, players unravel the real problem of homelessness.



History-based dating simulator, juxtaposing Japanese aesthetics with Tsardom Rus’ in a collage stylistic. Win a heart of one of the famous prince!

Willow County Children Center

It's 2050s and you were randomly assigned to the family. Collect all clues, explore your new family's mansion, and decide, whether to accept your destiny, or escape!

Artboard 6.png

Who wants
to live forever?

Tabletop game where you role-play as a grandma: your knitting and gossiping skills are your abilities, your illnesses are your debuffs. Use them to solve retirement house mystery!

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