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Newsletter #9

Hey everyone!

The spring break came-and-went, and as our captain was completely captivated by learning spells and catching magical beasts in Hogwarts, here go our updates now.

To begin with, Doppel Diner haven’t won the “Get Seeded” pitch night or JoyArt, but it sure was fruitful to participate! It is always great to have an opportunity to visit such events, plus have a small trip to another state. And luckily, yet another opportunity is awaiting us just today: Doppel Diner will be at PAX Made in MA Party! at 5:30 pm. If you have a ticket by any chance, make sure to visit UConn’s table (there will be two more amazing games by my group mates)

Meanwhile, I continue to focus on creating more art. These past weeks I added raw concepts of Todd’s spaceship (inside and out) and finally gave the visitors some more colors and details, though there is still lots to do. My main strategy is to create as much visual content as possible and try to pitch in for different collaborative and funding opportunities. Also, graphic representation is something that is very easy to assess, so I hope to get in touch with Bipolar Disorder community very soon and get their feedback on at least the art part.

Stay tuned and see you on Discord!


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