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Newsletter #8

Hey everyone and happy Monday!

First and foremost, I invite you to join me today at the CCEI “Get Seeded” pitch night. I will be pitching Doppel Diner among serious engineering projects which is terrifying, but I believe that video games do bring a difference to the world, and will stand by that! Votes will choose money winners, so you can RSVP by 3 pm to register and vote here: Thank you for your support!

Secondly, worms were spotted in the diner! And they look kind of hungry… This beautiful rendition is a part of my interior concept works (I now produce at least one piece of art per day thanks to my 2D art for games course). I had more dining area concepts posted in our #dev-updates on Discord. Still working on compiling the whole screen of the diner together, having lots of questions in mind. Will it all be seen at once? Will you need to get between three or four screens for it all to work? What will be the worms’ characters? Oh… And finally… I have been selected as JoyArt 2023 Boston finalist! It will be a great opportunity to expand our community and to show the Diner's progress to the noble people of Boston. We will be there on February, 24th. Unfortunately, this event only allows finalists to visit, but we would appreciate if you crossed fingers for us! Stay tuned and see you on Discord!


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