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Newsletter #7

Hey everyone and happy Monday!

I continue exploring authentic diners in the area for my game and today’s one is Becky’s, found in Portland, Maine.

It inspired me to improve and expand the menu in Doppel Diner, and also to start thinking about management mechanics and economy!

As a diner manager, you will have lots of expenses. Your energy bill will depend on how many hours you will decide to work, and your water bill — on how many dish loads you will have. Not washing dishes is not a solution, you need plates to serve food.

You should always pay rent! Or you thought that having a flying space restaurant comes free of charge?

By agreement terms, you also cannot escape paying fees to egg, bread, and pasts factories, as those foods are your basics.

In the polarity shifts time there would be moments like “Wait, did I really just spend 100 doubloons on the liquor license?? How come half of my machines now require repairment?” Well, all euphoric moments, extra plans and sleepless nights always come with consequences.

You will also earn some money. Apart from a salary rate, unlike other cooking sims, you will always get a sum for a completed order: there are a lot of ingredients and several ways of cooking, mixing, and matching them. It also wouldn’t be a classic diner without tips based on service quality (little chats with guests), interior (how clean and customized it is), and your serving speed. Each character would most value (and/or be pissed about) a certain feature. To help you, there will be a designated shop to buy some buffs, boosting customer satisfaction, bringing you more money and saving time.


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