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Newsletter #6

Happy 2023 from Doppel Diner! 🛰️

I hope you had a great holiday and rest, and are ready to kick in the new year! Personally, I’m getting jitters just thinking about where I plan to be by the end of this year with my game. I imagine working on finishing touches the next December, and the list of things that needs to be done beforehand is terrifyingly long. Looking forward to publishing it in June 2024!

Just a few of my major Doppel Diner resolutions:

- Publish a research paper in a serious games field and present my work at a game-related conference

- Apply to at least 5 game contests to attract potential funding and exposure to the game

- Join/start more social media communities and grow them

- Finish most art, narrative, and coding for the project that can be put in a beautiful captivating trailer

- And the most important one: be consistent in all of these endeavors and always dedicate at least a few hours every week to progressing the project

I will be conquering it step by step and with great self-care (gentle reminder to not push off your mental health even for the most important projects here!). But first, probably the most unconventional thing I want to actually do is to play 2 games about bipolar disorder that I found and am excited to try and share so that is what is going to be happening next weekend.

Stay tuned and I hope to see you on Discord!


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