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Newsletter #5

Happy Tuesday to our Doppel Diner guests!

It’s been a while since we last spoke, but as all deadlines come close to an end, I am ready to check in and share!

To start with the biggest, I added 4 playable days to the game so that you can open and progress gradually. I tried to make Day 1 more like a story opening and the other three - introducing the recipes. You can now play through the whole four days and your progress will be saved!

Day 1 has been improved story-wise, so that is more of a lore tutorial for players to get to know the mechanics and immerse into narrative faster! I am waiting so excitingly for the time when I would be able to implement all little details animations and user-friendly interaction, but for now, the priorities have been different…

This semester finished for me with my faculty’s Open Studio, where I have recently (and, I hope, successfully) presented my game! The goal was to let my peers and mentors have the first Diner experience and give feedback on how they understood the instructions. It seemed, that they really did not, so there is still a long way to go to improve by adding arrows and animation or making them more direct

With that, I continue adding content, and I constantly explore and research. Recently, I have finished my lengthy independent study on bipolar disorder and tried to gather info from various perspectives. I think, that some of it will make its way into the game, but meanwhile I will be gradually sharing that with you!

There will be one newsletter with results and plans before the New Year, so stay tuned.

Happy Holidays!


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