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Newsletter #4

Happy Thanksgiving break to Doppel Diner's guests!

It's been something close to 2 weeks, and today is just a bit after Friday, so I'm back with my (in)consistent newsletter!

Some small but significant changes have been made in Doppel Diner. As a solo dev who has been constantly put under time and scope constraints before, I was used to making games in just one Unity scene. It usually works fine for small projects: you make UI visible/invisible, create long lists of variables, and pray that players won't discover too many bugs in your little build. However, for the first time in my career, I felt like what I am creating doesn't fit into these limits anymore.

I understood that I need to split my huge chunk of content that would only grow bigger in the next 1,5 years into smaller pieces and create a level system with the ability to save and load. So I thought through 15 levels for my game that you need to pass three times to get all endings. You would start and finish each day through the mood calendar and would be able to see your mood swings throughout the in-game weeks: a very important tool in Bipolar Disorder management. I also created a menu with a bunch of buttons just like in real games that I have never done before which was exciting! I hope to get it ready for the middle of December when we get to show it in our open studio university event!

All your thoughts are always welcome in our little Discord community. See you in (not exactly) two weeks!


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