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Newsletter #3

Happy Halloween to Doppel Diner's guests!

It's been two weeks since Boston Fig, and looking back, the showcase really pushed me forward a lot! Since then, I made a ton of sketches, started to assemble a narrative document, and made the very first gameplay mechanics that you can check out in

our Discord server!

My little dev insights:

1. Arrays are my new favorite thing in Unity! All my new code is just the lists: a list to choose a customer, a list to generate a meal order, a list of drinks... Right now everything is completely random, but with a promise to add more logic later: the lists would change based on the character, the manic/depressive state, the resources left, etc.

2. The player's feedback is crucial even at the very beginning stages. I show every little step to my husband and he, having a bigger gaming and food industry experience, points out things I didn't know were important. For example, he said that 3 plates visible don't make sense for 4 guests, and that new drink cups should always be upside down to stay dust- and dirt-free. We also got over 5 iterations for order UI with him: as an artist, I tried to make it aesthetically pleasing, and he, as a player, advised me to change it to user-intuitive.

I will continue making as much content as possible, at least with placeholder graphics and simplified mechanics. But for now, not taking any more time from possible pumpkin carvings and horror movie marathons I will get back with more updates in two weeks! 🙂


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