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Newsletter #11

Hi, and thank you so much if you are still here! It’s officially my last year at the university, which means that no matter what, Doppel Diner is being released to the world this May. I haven’t been this great on consistency so far, but I’m starting this fall motivated to make this year count!

This summer I had a chance to research primary sources of American space dreams from the 1950s period: early volumes of Tom Corbett, Tales of Tomorrow, Amazing Stories, photos from Space Patrol and Captain Video TV Shows, pulp science fiction, and other collections of BGSU Popular Culture Library. Although it did not directly progress a game, it brought me a lot of joy, which is essential for sustaining an indie project.

I also have been learning a lot about coding while working on a VR project at my uni, and learning more about myself in therapy which I started attending weekly for the past 4 months.

I didn’t quite touch the tasks that I planned for the summer, but I’m steadily getting them done right now while sharing the updates in the dev progress channel in Discord. Exhibit a:

I will aim to share more of small updates like this quite often. Stay tuned and have a wonderful day!


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