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Hi! My name is Maria

Ever since I was a child I liked playing games, especially RPG series like Dragon Age and The Elder Scrolls. I was mesmerized by game worlds and spent hours creating my own meta-gameplay with different challenges and styles of playing. I did not know that making games was an option. So when the very first university-level game design program opened in my home country, I enrolled immediately.


In 2021, I graduated from HSE Art and Design School with a BA in Game Design, spending the last semester at Uppsala University in Gotland, Sweden. Throughout my education, I completed a number of prototypes gaining generalist skills in indie development until I found my ultimate passion in world-building and systems design.

I believe that a game played at the right time can transform someone's world and this is what motivates me to pursue the games industry.

I’m currently finishing my Master’s degree in Digital Media and Design and teaching first-year courses at the University of Connecticut. In my free time, I like playing story-driven video games, reading fiction books, hiking, and drawing. I  am striving to land my first game design job in the United States after my graduation in May 2024.


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